The Splash in Splashmetrics

You may wonder how the heck we came up with this name for our company and platform. Well, first, what is marketing itself if not endeavoring to have your company, product, service, solution – whatever it is – make the biggest, most disruptive splash possible in your target industry? Big splashes change the world. And we’ve always been all about that.

But there’s more to it. Making a marketing splash that lacks real strategic foresight and long-term planning means that whatever interest and excitement you initially generate will likely fall apart and fade as Buyers lose their way – and lose their interest – in your disjointed Buyer Journey; that pathway between your marketing and the sale of your product. We’ve all seen this happen countless times. But you’d be surprised how prevalent a problem this is in even the biggest companies out there.

So take a look at that image above once more. As you can see, deep strategy should be that rock that drives and shapes your entire Demand Gen Splash. This strategy is what maintains the Splash in this stable, predictable state. Nothing is random. Every single aspect of it is planned, executed, managed, and measured by this deep, Buyer-centric strategy defined in the very beginning. And this results in a fully wired, automated, intelligent, and seamless 360° Buyer Journey, which ensures far superior results and ROI.

For example think of all those drops that surround the top of the funnel as Marketing Automation interactions. Tactical MA logic within these platforms engages these Buyers and pulls them down via these interactions into the appropriate Smart Content within the Buyer Journey funnel itself. Once there, that Smart Content enabled by Splashmetrics is intelligently wired throughout the entire funnel to allow these Buyers to seamlessly self-progress in 3-5 touches to a point of sale in a personalized, strategic way.

Most enterprise-level companies are very good at using that MA tactical logic to serve up traditional content assets that pull Buyers to the funnel – but it’s there where most Buyers will disengage if there is not this deeper strategy at work in every content asset in that funnel.

After over a decade of providing our award-winning Demand Gen strategy and creative expertise to B2B companies ranging from Fortune 100 global enterprises, to medium-to-large businesses – and seeing this critical gap play out over and over again; we decided to tackle that problem head-on and make a big splash ourselves.

And now you know about the splash in Splashmetrics.

The Deep End Blog

In this blog, we’ll walk you through various best-practice strategies and how-to’s for getting the most value possible from your own Buyer Journey and broader Demand Gen efforts. Maybe along the way we can help you take control of your own Splash just like we’re doing for our growing list of customers. After all, it’s what we live and breathe every day.

Hope to hear from you soon.