Stop making your Buyers work for you.

Demand Gen marketing is all about starting at the end. With strategic knowledge of your Buyers and their needs, you work backward from the point of won-customer to create a sequential pathway of intelligent content smart enough to adapt to each Buyers’ interests and inputs, dynamically pointing them to what’s next. This is the seamless Buyer Journey. And it’s how best-in-class companies succeed. To achieve this, you need clear objectives, logic, and planning upon which you can execute and measure across the enterprise.
Starting with these objectives and logic is critical, but it’s what you do with them that really counts. Planning, managing, and measuring such a wide array of Smart Content that adheres to these strategies is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. You and your entire marketing team, including content creators themselves, have to think and work differently, collaborating around clear, accessible content marketing plans that maintain continuity and automate integration and analytics throughout the entire Buyer Journey.
Splashmetrics is one of the first marketing intelligence platforms specifically designed and crafted to fully manage and measure the Demand Gen Buyer Journey. Because it’s solidly built upon best practices, marketing teams across the enterprise can leverage it to more effectively visualize, plan, and execute truly aligned Smart Content for each stage. And with automated integration with today’s MA/CRM platforms, and its full-journey analytics, you finally have true 360° vision and control across the enterprise.

Key benefits of Splashmetrics.

Vastly Improves Buyer Journey

Gain better control over the Buyer Journey via the Smart Content in your funnel, a blindspot for most MA & CRM platforms.

Key Results

This strategic backbone for the Buyer Journey and its content enables dynamic Buyer self-progression through the funnel and far better alignment with and efficacy in your MA/CRM tactical programs.

Aligns Marketing & Reduces Costs

Improve team-wide planning & execution for closed-loop smart content that aligns with Buyer Journey strategy & lifecycle.

Key Results

Because Splashmetrics is specifically designed and built around Demand Gen best practices, marketing teams across the enterprise can leverage it to much more effectively visualize, plan, and execute aligned content for each stage of the Demand Gen funnel.

Enhances Intelligence & ROI

Align objectives and focus analytics for every Demand Gen campaign and content piece across every channel.

Key Results

Ensures core strategic intelligence across ALL Demand Gen efforts, improves ROI by generating more qualified Buyers and greatly reducing operational redundancy, and provides clearly measured and contextualized actionable reporting.

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Strategic Planning & Management

Internal/External Collaboration

Revolutionary Analytics

People + Pride + Passion

Splashmetrics was conceived, designed, and developed by a dedicated team of award-winning Demand Gen Strategy & Creative experts in Austin, Texas.

Over the the years, we’ve helped clients of all kinds succeed in the complex world of Integrated Marketing. And through this extensive work with Fortune 100 enterprises to small- and medium-sized businesses, we know exactly what it takes to weave together best-practice strategy, brilliant content, and actionable measurement to move Buyers from engagement to won customer.

Splashmetrics is the culmination of that dedication, expertise, and insight.

In other words, we eat and breathe this stuff every day – and our game-changing platform shows it.

So, whether you need the Splashmetrics platform or our Demand Gen Consulting Services or The Whole Chimichanga – drop us a line. All of us on the Splashmetrics team are ready to help you make a very big Splash indeed!

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