This icon is at the heart of what Splashmetrics is all about…because this is what content should be.

Statistics show that most B2B Buyers today want you to deliver a personalized package of content that they can self-progress through all the way to a purchase decision. And they’re typically going to give you no more than 5 touches in that Journey before making that decision.

This means that you really need to change the way you see, plan, and execute content. The most obvious takeaway here is that most all marketers need to do a much better job of appropriately mapping content to every stage of the Buyer’s journey.

But there’s another revolutionary concept here that can become your true competitive advantage if you leverage it:

Don’t think about what the content asset IS – think about what it DOES. 

Look at it this way, your primary Buyer Journey content should always be a 2-way conversation with your Buyer while she is engaged with it. For example, why would you ever use a pdf in these critical post-gate touches? It’s like hanging up the phone the moment your Buyer answers.

Instead, you should carefully design and build this Buyer Journey content so that it is dynamically personalized and proactively meeting the educational and informational needs of your known Buyers with each interaction at each step in their Journey.

And at the same time, the content itself should be achieving your sales qualification requirements with each of these touches via strategic data transactions with that engaged Buyer. This way, in each stage of the Journey, you and your Buyers are getting out of every critical content touch exactly what you both need.

Creating Smart Content Experiences like this requires much tighter collaboration and integration between your strategic and tactical efforts and teams. And that’s precisely what Splashmetrics is all about. It’s built to take this strategic planning you are (or should be) doing prior to launching these costly initiatives, and automating that strategy into the work your tactical teams do.

This process results in that 2-way conversation with the engaged Buyer via content that is stage-aware, intelligent, unidirectional, and fully measurable. And it is really the only way to ensure that no opportunity is ever missed in these engagements.

Take a look at how you can close the critical gap in your Buyer Journey…leading to a significant improvement in both sales and ROI…