We’re Solving a Huge Problem

For B2B marketing and sales, statistics show that starting your efforts with a documented Buyer Journey strategy can increase conversions by up to 6X (Altimeter). But historically this has been a very arduous, manual process via antiquated tools that not only take a tremendous amount of time, but also make it virtually impossible to fully align executive, marketing, sales, and content teams in their ongoing efforts.

How do we know?

We have over a decade of experience providing best-practice B2B Marketing/Sales strategy and creative services to some of the largest companies on the planet. We saw and dealt with firsthand the many painpoints involved with planning, executing, and measuring holistic Buyer Journeys across internal and external teams including marketing, sales, MA/CRM/CMS teams, web teams, content creators, etc.

The persistent problem was that there was rarely a single-source of strategic truth that continually focused these disparate teams and their efforts back toward the Buyer – which is the only way to to create the kinds of personalized, full-funnel digital content journeys that today’s Buyers demand.

Instead, many of these companies used antiquated tools like documents, spreadsheets, and flowcharts – emailing them up and down “the chain” – to try figure out exactly how to align all these siloed efforts into a successful initiative.

As you can imagine, this decentralized process and these inefficient tools result in very poor cross-team communication, which inevitably leads to poorly executed Buyer Journeys that actually fight against Buyers becoming customers, thereby killing ROI (video here).

We’re Doing So With Intelligence and Automation

We changed all this with Splashmetrics. Not only does Splashmetrics provide that single-source of strategic truth for all your teams and stakeholders, it actually automates much of the planning process via our RippleTM intelligence technology. Take a look at this diagram…

As the executive team starts the strategic planning for the initiative by laying out the overarching business drivers in the Splash Plan (center), that information is immediately “pushed out” to all teams and team members (the “locked” blue items). Each of those stakeholders can then add to that plan the specifics needed to execute via their own particular roles and functions (the “editable” white items), but they cannot change those core strategic items.

This unidirectional, yet live and dynamic planning ensures not only a single-source of strategic truth – but also ensures that any critical changes anywhere in the Splash Plan are immediately seen by every team and team member across the organization so immediate action can be taken.

This is the “Ripple”. No more tracking and reviewing changing/outdated documents, flowcharts and spreadsheets via emails, chat, etc. Just full alignment across the entire company during the planning and execution of the initiative.

But that’s just part of the value of Splashmetrics’ RippleTM intelligence. It also automatically generates all benchmarking, KPIs, unidirectional linking, integrations, and analytics as you and your team work through the planning and execution of your initiatives.

Just as importantly, it automatically customizes every view in the application to the specific team, division, and department working from the plan. This way, every stakeholder sees and knows exactly what to do to help increase sales and ROI – as well as how they are measuring up in those efforts.

And We’re Doing It At Scale

With Splashmetrics at the B2B enterprise level we’ve shown up to an 85% reduction in the time and cost associated with the strategic planning process for today’s B2B marketing and sales. This not only means significant up-front savings over the standard way of doing this, but you also get to market much more quickly – and you get there with far more effective Buyer Journeys that streamline your marketing and sales efforts to drive better ROI.

What this means for mid-market companies (and agencies) is an enterprise-grade platform that solves the hardest problems in planning, executing, and measuring optimal B2B Buyer Journeys – all at a great price. From day one, they can significantly up their markting and sales game – along with their ROI – with enterprise-grade automation and best-practice guidance at every step.

Give us a shout and we’ll show you how Splashmetrics can move you toward your own 6X!

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