I came across a great new ABM study today from Demand Gen Report. For businesses to reach the goals and objectives outlined in this report; PRIOR to launching these expensive B2B marketing initiatives, senior marketing execs need better ways to strategically plan, manage, and measure their downstream tactical marketing content, teams, and platforms.

Take this line for example:

“The survey found marketers are moving to a more mature phase of measurement, driven by a need to better align with sales, gain deeper metrics around buyer stages and use them to track conversions and measure their ABM strategies.”

Providing a more mature way of driving these outcomes is precisely why we built Splashmetrics. If we have anything to say about it, the days of whiteboards, PowerPoint flowcharts, and Excel spreadsheets are over. We believe it’s time to truly empower strategy to maximize both sales and ROI in B2B marketing.

To check out the report CLICK HERE.