One of the best resources we’ve seen for following B2B marketing statistics and trends is Paul Denham. Among his many relevant and helpful posts is this one reviewing 5 critical drivers important for future success with inbound marketing. Survey respondents indicated how their businesses expect to improve their effectiveness in each area by 2022. Let’s focus on “the 80%ers”…

Planning: If you’re trying to maximize your in-house marketing/sales/content teams while also reducing the costs of your external teams – the ONLY way to do this is clarity. Only 360° strategic planning will ensure that all these team members know what needs to be done in their respective roles AND that all those efforts are unified toward the same goals and outcomes.

Persona-Mapped Strategy: Your strategy needs to be completely Buyer-centric as shown in the graphic and it needs to ensure a seamless, personalized journey for every Buyer persona you are reaching, not only across every channel, but across each stage of the Journey all the way to a purchase decision.

Finally, you must have clear, plan-specific measurement across all these efforts in order to continually improve sales and ROI.

This is exactly why we built Splashmetrics. If this graphic represents what you’re trying to do in your business – we can help.

Image Source: The Future of Marketing Report, Smart Insights

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